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The designs of the lamps are inspired by the local nature and culture, and the meanings of the designs studied from the Mayan culture. Each lamp is unique, handcrafted inlaid with stained glass, blown glass and marbles and the hangings are made with natural materials from the region such as seeds and shells. The designs of the lamps reflect on the walls and their surroundings, making them a unique work of art.

Today the Jellyfish workshop is located in Cancun and its designs have already been exported all over the world. You can find our lamps in places such as the African restaurant Sanaa in the Animal Kingdom Lodge hotel in Disney, Florida, the Tacology restaurant in Brickell Avenue in Miami, Fl, Calaveras in Jupiter, Fl, and many others!

Custom Jellyfish Lamps

We love working with our clients to develop special designs for their needs. If you have any idea of something different from our designs, we are open to developing something specially made just for you.

Jellyfish lamps: your local craft store

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