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 “Think of a lamp as part of the jewelry of a room”, Judith Balis.

Lamps should not be overlooked when it comes to elevating the style of your interiors.

If you need to add color or texture to a room, an interesting lamps will add just the boost you are looking for. Don’t forget contrast!

Like anything else in decorating, you want to be mindful of scale.

Make sure the size of your lamp is appropriate for its location. You don’t want to put a massive lamp on a very small table—not only will it look disproportionate, but it might also be bumped into or knocked over. Likewise, a very small lamp will look out of place in a large room.

Proper Placement is key.

After selecting the right lamps, deciding where to put them is just as important. If you have a dark corner in a room, the simple addition of a lamp will work wonders for the way the room feels.

Table lamps are great for filling out the rest of the room.

If you love a lamp and it is too tall, put it on a smaller table. If the lamp is too short, add a few books under the lamp.

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