What is the Nature trend in decoration?

This refers to the tendency to use styles and colors that evoke the natural. But it goes further and also refers to the trend of using natural materials in a way that is respectful of people and nature.

It is an ecological decoration to achieve healthy homes that promote feeling good, and free of harmful substances.

Besides being aesthetic, these types of materials are easy to recycle or reuse, but above all, they give a warm and fresh touch to your space.

This is the case of the Jelly Fish lamps that are made from a speciall kind of gourds: "jícara". A fruit that grows in trees in the region of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
These fruits must carry a special treatment, known to the Mayans for hundreds of years. Once this treatment has been carried out, it is possible to work the piece. That takes a hardness as strong as a piece of wood.

The gourd preparation process is based on cooking with water and lime, or smoking. Normally they put like a net on top of their wood oven and there they raise them and they are smoked little by little so that they take on the hardness and color that characterizes them.

Jelly Fish is inspired by designs related to the Mayan culture to create lamps with shapes that are reflected on the wall. In addition, colored glass pieces are integrated to give a pleasant and relaxing light.

The design and the naturalness of its materials make Jelly Fish lamps an ideal option to decorate any environment in the home, office or business.

It is important to add that for Jelly Fish respect not only for nature but also for the Mayan culture is important. That is why we only work with local labor and buy materials from Mayan suppliers who respect the ways of obtaining these pieces of nature.
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